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John Kalpus is a born communicator, educator and musician who regularly gives over 100 presentations annually - across North America, Canada, Puerto Rico, Continental Europe as well as the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand and even Tasmania!. He has been helping organizations, corporations and individuals better understand  and implement  what's important to them for over twenty five years.

John is also a highly acclaimed computer consultant who conducts computer software and hardware training seminars around the world. His ability to see the BIG picture, connect the dots in new and creative ways, and to present highly technical information in an easy-to-understand manner makes him a highly sought after presenter and keynote speaker.

He uses his unique ability to present programs in humorous, sometimes musical, and always thought-provoking ways. He is available for your next conference or convention, and will help set the tone of the meeting as an opening or closing speaker. John will help put thinking  into perspective for your employees, suppliers and customers. 

Please consult with John for program customization.  

(619) 871-6592 (USA West Coast)

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A Selection of Real Testimonials

"Wow! John held my interest all day long! He is VERY knowledgable, humorous, and personable! What a SUPER guide!"

Pat F. ... Pocatello, ID

"John was awesome!" S. Andrews ... Sacramento

"John Kalpus is a wonderful, entertaining teacher (guide). Kudos to John." ... Sacramento

"John was an amazing presenter! His enthusiasm, knowledge & storytelling made this a fun & informative class." ... R. Pineda Sacramento

"Knows his stuff." ...  N. Williams

"John was AWESOME!" - Susan K., San Jose

"John did a great job directing questions, setting the stage for discovery versus rote learning. He delivered with empowering enthusiasm!"  - Beth Bywater, Fresno, CA

"John is excellent!" - O.L., Watsonville, CA

"Very interesting and exciting. So much of the information is useful." - J.H., Santa Cruz, CA

"It was exciting and I wanted more!"  - K. J., Salinas, CA

"John is a very dynamic, intelligent speaker." - E. D., Monterey, CA

"Energizing and informative. Interesting and easy to receive. More than adequate opportunities for questions and answers. Excellent delivery by John Kalpus." - M. R., Santa Cruz, CA

"John had a great ability to communicate what can be a very complicated topic in a manner that makes sense. Despite his obvious knowledge John still comes across very humble, approachable and can come down to whatever level one needs."  R. Kelley

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