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Welcome to the www.JohnKalpus.com Video Page!

New! Fabulous! Interesting!

John's new hour-long movie, chronicling the adventure of the sailing vessel,
Sweet Dreams, south from San Diego to La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.
Photography and original music by John Kalpus.

Stay tuned to order YOUR personal DVD copy!

If you're interested, simply send me an email: john@johnkalpus.com and put

"Sweet Dreams" in the subject line.



1. Click on the arrow in the middle of each video to view.
2. Enjoy.
3. Rinse. Repeat!

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Other videos ...


Clouds ... While flying back to San Diego from Phoenix, the pilot treated us to a wonder-filled exploration of the clouds forming over the desert. Music may be found almost everywhere, even in the sky.

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