John Kalpus - Speaking Agreement

Clients please note: this agreement is meant to familiarize you with John's standard agreement format.
Please contact John's office for a copy of the current agreement.

We agree to engage John Kalpus under the following terms and conditions:

Organization: _____________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________State: _____ Zip: _________

Phone: ___________________ Fax: ___________________

Contact Person: __________________________ Phone: __________________

Title: ____________________________________________________________

Title of Presentation: _______________________________________________

Theme of Meeting: _________________________________________________

Date: _________________Number of attendees: _______________

profile: _______________________________________________________________




Venue: ________________________________________________________________________

Program start time: ________________________ Finish time: __________________________

Breaks: _______________________________

Special Requirements of Speaker: See "Program Support Sheet"

Other Requirements: ___________________________________________________________

Program Fee. _________________________(plus expenses)


Deposit: US$ -50% of program fee to be paid upon confirmation of booking.

Date confirmed only upon receipt of deposit. Balance to be paid to speaker prior to event presentation. Check payable to John Kalpus. In the event of cancellation, John Kalpus will re-book program on a mutually convenient date with no penalty. If the event is cancelled by client and not rescheduled, deposit is considered full and complete payment.

Round trip airfare full coach: US$: _______________(speaker will provide client with locator # and Frequent Flyer #)

From: __________________________________ To: __________________________________

Ground Transportation: Includes taxi cabs or car rental to and from event.
Hotel Accommodations: Includes meals & gratuities (Billed direct to client).

Number of nights: __________Number of persons: ______

From: ______________ (date) To: ______________ (date)

Client to order materials 4 weeks prior to event. Cost of handouts and support material sets will be invoiced to client
after completion of program. Speaker will supply master for client in-house duplication if requested.

Hotel: (non-smoking, king)________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________

City: ______________ State: ______ Zip: ___________ Phone: __________Fax: ___________

Contact Person: _____________________________Title: ______________________________

Airport to arrive at: _____________________Arrival date: __________ Arrival time: ______

Transportation from airport to hotel: _________Contact Person: _________Phone:________

Other speakers? Please list: ______________________________________________________



I have read the above and agree: (signed)_____________________________ Date: _________


Note: Audio and videotaping allowed only with prior permission. All materials 2009 John Kalpus. All rights retained by John Kalpus.


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