Introduction - John Kalpus
Last edited: 08/08/09
(Please read exactly as written.)

We're in for a big treat! John Kalpus, also known as "Dr. Discovery,"
is an award-winning presenter, trainer and author who helps people 
to learn to ask Mind Bogglingly Great Questions!

Sought out as someone who can translate technical topics
into easily understood and digestible language,
John is seen as the rare bridge between techno-phobia and techno-savvy.
He's also been described as the "Tim Allen of Technology."

John uses his ability to sort through techno-babble to bring
a fresh perspective to planning and implementing 21st century thinking.

Since 1989, John has captivated audiences all across the
United States and Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, the United Kingdom,
Australia, New Zealand, and even the devils in Tasmania!

John has done research in particulates for the Environmental Protection Agency,
helped to develop scintillators for the Stanford Linear Accelerator, written, produced
and presented his own weekly radio show, personally asked Jacques Cousteau for a
job on the Calypso, ridden his bicycle the length of Florida (and back up again), hiked the Himalayan Mountains, visited the Buddhist monastery of the Dalai Lama in India, made several ocean sailing voyages, and spoken to thousands of children (and adults) across the United States.

He's not tired, he's just getting started!

Ladies and Gentlemen... the Doctor is in!

Please help me in welcoming  John Kalpus - "Dr. Discovery!"




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