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PDF files (or files with a PDF extension, Ex. jk_one-sheet.pdf, Portable Document Format) are viewable documents which have been created with Adobe Acrobat and saved with a .pdf extension. These files are viewable on almost all computers, and most platforms (Windows, NT, Lunix, Unix, Mac, Solaris, Sun, OS2, etc.) - providing you already have the Adobe Acrobat viewer program installed called Adobe Acrobat Reader. The reader program is widely available on-line for free. Click here to download.

One terrific quality of pdf files is that they retain all the formatting and style characteristics of the original file with no possibility of individual elements being askew on the page. Pictures appear where they were intended to appear, fonts are retained, and all paragraphs are aligned properly. Yeah!

To view a pdf file, simply click on the proper link in a web page, and, providing you've already installed Adobe Acrobat Reader, your computer will automatically start Reader and open the pdf file on whose link you clicked. You can usually print right from the File menu.

To download a pdf file for later viewing and/or printing, simply right-click on the link and select the Save File As... command.

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Before the file is downloaded and you will be prompted for a name and a location to save the file. Give it a name and click Save and you're on your way!

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